“Mummy, I think there’s a Mr Caterpillar coming!!” Or: Boy, do they keep you grounded.

We’re going out tonight! This is happening! We’re meeting our friends for a couple of pints and some punch, it’s Bonfire Night, the fire is on, the moon’s up, fireworks in the distance… We’re fun, and cool, and young and wild… Oh, wait. “Mummy, I think there’s a Mr Caterpillar coming!!” My 4-year-old’s statement brings […]

In the ‘Aftermath’ – Contributing to a Healthy Work / Life Balance

You know the saying as a freelancer – “After the job is before the job.” Who doesn’t know the feeling of an accelerated heartbeat, sweaty palms whilst typing against the clock – suddenly ticking so much louder, as if to remind you with a patronising undertone that your deadline is nigh! And then- you send […]