“Mummy, I think there’s a Mr Caterpillar coming!!” Or: Boy, do they keep you grounded.

We’re going out tonight! This is happening! We’re meeting our friends for a couple of pints and some punch, it’s Bonfire Night, the fire is on, the moon’s up, fireworks in the distance… We’re fun, and cool, and young and wild… Oh, wait. “Mummy, I think there’s a Mr Caterpillar coming!!” My 4-year-old’s statement brings […]

“I’m sorry Mummy is so short with you today…”

…”but I’ve been reading the news. Do you remember the last time we spoke about the big family of countries, the EU? Where your Mummy’s country, and France, Spain, and many others belong to? Do you remember we talked about the vote in England? And do you remember England decided they no longer wanted to […]

Sugar… Yes please?

A little Background On 1st May this year, so just over 3 months ago, I decided to give up processed sugar for good. What?! Yes, you heard me! Why would anyone do this to themselves, you might ask? Well, let me tell you about my little journey so far… It all started with the primary […]