The Making of Lena C. – Her First Performance (and certainly not the last)

Back in August, I had a long conversation with our local primary school’s headmistress about possibly deferring our eldest daugther’s place and wait for another year. She had only just turned 4, and as a German, where children don’t start school until the age of 6, the thought of having to put her in a uniform and say good-bye for 6 hours a day kept me awake for a few nights. She didn’t even go for a wee in pre-school! What about her bunny rabbit? She is still my little baby! She will just drown in a sea of much older, taller, more confident kids. What was I going to do?

IMG_4881 (2).jpg

Well, we decided to put her in with her peers from pre-school. And within three months, an incredible transformation took place that left us gobsmacked this afternoon. It was time for the annual Nativity Play in school, and Leni was going to be an angel. I was so nervous. Would she panic when she saw all those people? Would she cry? Would she refuse to go up the stage?

She was stood in the front row, back straight, chin up high, remembering all her words, singing like there was no tomorrow, smiling, waving, blowing kisses.

I’m glad nobody was taking pictures of me. Tears kept coming with every new Christmas song they performed… And I was so proud to see my beautiful girl up there, pink cheeks, beaming, enjoying every moment. Well done, my sweet Lala.


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