Taking Breaks is So Good.

Taking Breaks is So Good.

I have been asked how I structure my days with a little one at home and a busy schedule.
My girl’s room has a safety door which basically converts her bedroom into a huge playpen. This is a big advantage for both of us. She is very good on her own, too. For both our sake’s, I take a small break every 45 minutes. We always sit down and have all three meals together, which is an important part of her day and forces me to take care of myself, too. I used to forget to eat and drink, or even go to the loo, being completely absorbed by my translation job. I used to power through 7 or 8 consecutive hours back then.

Translating long hours can be tough. I’m not complaining – I love my job. Even short nights or early mornings do not bother me too much. Today I had a particularly early one fighting with my translation programme (starting with a capital “T”) and constantly watching the clock to meet my deadline.

I then decided to make some play-dough for my girl and to get messy for a bit between translation jobs – she loved it! Not only was it great entertainment for her, it also allowed my mind to take a well-deserved break from staring at tiny letters on my screen for hours.

The quality of your breaks is as important as your job in between. It is the decisive factor for a focused mind and boosted energy. I know my husband would laugh at the notion of me enjoying a break from a hard translation – but here I am, advocating the forced five-minute feet-up!

Tell me how you spend your breaks! I’m always on the lookout for a good tip…


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